Hotel Dixie Paraphernalia (Hotel Carter)

Still perched right in the heart of Mid-town, just off 8th Avenue on 43rd, vacant for the last two or three years, dead from the inside for the last three or four decades.  Its been under “renovation” for ever it seems, maybe because it’s going to take forever to scrape all the detritus out of it (it was known as the dirtiest hotel in the country at one point not too long ago).  But there it sits, mocking all the other glass towers that have sprung up around it.  Even though its 42nd Street “address” was taken away twenty years ago (there was just a long hallway to a small doorway on 42nd Street), it still lingers on 43rd waiting for its grand second (or third?) chance.  One thing to note, and something that’s always bothered/puzzled me about that post card, The Dixie (aka The Carter) doesn’t actually sit on a corner!  Its about a quarter of they way in from 8th, so I wonder how many out-of-towners got completely lost looking for it on a corner?

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