Keller Hotel and Bar – 384 West Street | 150 Barrow Street

Having a free Saturday in NYC I decided to venture south down West Street, in the shadow of the long-gone

Badlands – 338 West Street

(Note: this entire intro was used in the previous post on The Keller, so freakin’ sue me!) Having a free

Finding the “Lost” Bar from Fleshpot on 42nd Street

Our sibling site, Scrod Film, recently posted an article detailing our search for The Bar from the Andy Milligan film

And Show World is Really Quite Completely Dead

The cleansing of The Old Lady has begun in earnest.

KFC Times Square – Daily News Ad, and a 10G Bounty – February 27, 1974

After 40 years of life just off 7th Avenue on 42nd Street, Grant’s Restaurant and Bar finally breathed its last

A Frozen February – Stranded – February 15, 2014

Going back through the massive backlog of pictures I found these from a Business trip to NJ in February 2014

Cross-Blog 2019 Slate!

Hot off the PR presses from The Scrod Group Intergalactic HQ: In 2019 A Scrod in New York and its

Show World Center Tokens

This post doesn’t need any additional description, but perhaps it does need a public health warning: “Wash your hands when

Hotel Dixie Paraphernalia (Hotel Carter)

Still perched right in the heart of Mid-town, just off 8th Avenue on 43rd, vacant for the last two or