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Hot off the PR presses from The Scrod Group Intergalactic HQ: In 2019 A Scrod in New York and its

The Show’s Over – Show World Center CLOSED

That’s all folks, the show’s over at the Show World Center in New York City.  After 41 years the party


When the $29 million, 26,000 square foot restaurant URBO (an amalgamation of Urban and Bohemian) opened in 2014, offering “an

The Shows (almost) Over – Last Days of Show World

Last year the owner of The Show World Center died, and we knew then it was only a matter of

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Just did a quick post of a Central Park phone booth over on our sister site PlacesGoneBy[e], it seemed more

Show World Center

I’ve been holding off on this post for a while, for no real good reason, other than I knew I