It Was Twenty Years Ago Today…actually this week

Twenty years ago this week (July 25 through August 1, 1998) was my first trip to New York City.  I’ve

The Show’s Over – Show World Center CLOSED

That’s all folks, the show’s over at the Show World Center in New York City.  After 41 years the party

NYC 2004 – a few reminders of a great trip

We ran across some souvenirs from the first time I brought Mrs Scrod to NYC back in 2004, most of

Curtain Closes on Show World

We hear from Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York this morning that the final curtain call for Show World has happened.  This

Central Park Phone

I posted a while back on a sibling site about the Phone which used to be next to Wollman Rink

Central Park Boathouse – March 4, 2018

I’ve spent a decent amount of time at the Central Park Boathouse, although I’ve never been out on a boat

In “The Corner” with Jimmy Glenn

Jimmy’s Corner ain’t on a corner, which probably confuses and amuses the Fly-Over-State Tourist, Hedge Fund Babies, and Bridge-and-Tunnel crowds,


When the $29 million, 26,000 square foot restaurant URBO (an amalgamation of Urban and Bohemian) opened in 2014, offering “an

The Shows (almost) Over – Last Days of Show World

Last year the owner of The Show World Center died, and we knew then it was only a matter of