As good a place as any to start…


I figure the intersection of Broadway and 49th is as good a place as any to start a blog about New York City.  In fact when you dig into it its a GREAT place to start a blog about New York City.  At one point in the 70’s – 80’s you had a Howard Johnson’s on one corner, the Video Shack / Video Cassette Center across 49th, and The Colony Music Center in the Brill Building across Broadway (not sure what was on the other corner yet…).  This corner was also used as an intro bumper into a Seinfeld episode (“The Stranded”) and it peeked my interest as to where it was and how much of it might still be there (the HoJo and World porno theater did the trick).
I was in the city last week so I decided to see what the place looked like today.  As you can see NOTHING is left from the Seinfeld screen grab.  The HoJo is long gone, replaced by a Ruby Foos (you can’t really see it in the picture but its there); the Video Cassette Center is now a Sbarro’s (in fact this may be the one Liz and I stopped at back in 2004 on her first trip up, yeah I know, so sue us), and I’m pretty sure the building Sbarro’s is in isn’t even the same building; the World Cinema is gone, replaced by the Playwrights Tavern of all things; and finally, just to my right when I took the above picture, is the shell of the once proud Brill Building and the ghost of The Colony.

I could do a post on about five or ten different aspects of just these places and this intersection, and in fact I will at some point in the next twenty or thirty years, but for now I’ll quell the urge and leave it with this, for now…

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