If a Palm falls on 2nd Ave… UPDATED

Did you feel that disturbance in the Culinary Force?  If not then you were not alone, but rest assured there was one.  You see the thugs that own the original Palm Restaurant in NYC have committed what is in effect a sacking of their own joint.  They have, as can be seen at the post on NYEater, ripped everything off the walls.  That would be nearly 90 years worth of classic caricatures and other hand drawn pictures.  All gone.  Every damn one of them from the looks of it.  And even if they did manage to “save” them I guarantee you they won’t find their way back in the same manner.  And this was supposed to be just a renovation to meet the ADA requirements, oh and enlarge the bar, oh and maybe take the wooden booths out so they could add more tables, and, oh forget it, its gone.

From http://ny.eater.com/

So another Old NY joint is gone, yet another.

UPDATE – August 28, 2015

The Palm Has Been Sold – and Klosed

Sometimes it doesn’t take long for the truth to come out, especially if Jeremiah Moss is on the case.  Over at MVNY we find that the original Palm has in fact been sold to some carpetbagger outfit from Long Island (of all places), and the most ironic element is the name of the idiot(s) that bought it: Klosed!  How more perfect can you get?  It certainly describes what they’ve done to The Palm, bastards!

We’re going to start keeping an eye on this outfit, if for no other reason than to make fun of their more-than-stupid name for a commercial real estate firm.

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