And then this happened…

Due to both travel restrictions at work and a rather annoying broken ankle I have not traveled to New York since April of this year, so my trip over the weeks of November 8-16 was long in coming.  I had a full day planned for that Saturday, however the very first night of my trip marked the ascendancy of one Donald Trump to the top of the greasy pole, thus throwing the free world into a bat-shit crazy reactionary stance, and as another loony ruler, Governor William J. Lepetoman (Mel Brooks) from “Blazing Saddles”, once said, “Affairs of State must take precedence over affairs of state…”.  What this meant was the tours I’d planned for the weekend were quickly overtaken by what I’ll term as History.  I felt compelled to “observe”, if not full on participate, in the “Not My President” march on Saturday.  It started out at Union Square, wove it way up 5th Ave, and ended a block or so from Trump Tower, the remainder of the avenue being barricaded off by New York’s Finest (who were very good, I must point out, the whole time).  Later a break-off group took over a lane on Central Park South and made their way to Columbus Circle, which happens to front another Trump property.  In no particular order the following are what I captured that afternoon/evening.


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