The Shows (almost) Over – Last Days of Show World

Last year the owner of The Show World Center died, and we knew then it was only a matter of time before Show World would die too (as I detailed in this post). This dreary Sunday morning I’m sorry to report the end near, very near according to the manager if SW. The owners are beginning an aggressive remodeling effort and he gives whats left of SW a month at most.

I say “what’s left” because all the old bits of the original SW have already been blocked off, all the booths have been ripped out, and even the room of crossword puzzle mags in the basement has been cleared out. All that’s left is the book/dvd store on the side, with a few glimpses into the ancient Gomorrah left to tease you (about the only tease left in a building known for not just teasing, but fulfillment, for a price of course). The manager, who has been at SW for 28 years, said when Basciano died his daughter didn’t want anything to do with the business, but his granddaughter evidently has had no trouble stepping in…as long as she can cash in as soon as possible. When I left I made a bet with the manager that a Chik-fil-A would probably move into the space, its just the type of thing that seems to happen these days (like The Shake Shack going in to the old Playland space down the block).  Oh, and they’ve also started closing at midnight(!), aka when things used to kick into high gear. But I guess there’s nothing left to kick into any gear now, so what’s the point, right?

So here they are, what very well may be the last pictures inside Show World (I got permission), at least from me.

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