When the $29 million, 26,000 square foot restaurant URBO (an amalgamation of Urban and Bohemian) opened in 2014, offering “an homage to the Big Apple”, and as “a celebration of New York City in its look, feel and food”, I said it embodied everything that was wrong with NYC. Rich foreigners demolishi g what I’m sure they considered a dilapidated block in midtown and putting up something they just knew the Fly-over state tourist believed was what NYC should be. And is wore never to grace it’s doors. But since then I’ve had a realization that, while still tragic and inexcusable that they ripped that block down, that’s actually what happens in NYC, and most other cities too. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve not drank the kool-aid, and gentrification is still evil and anti-everything I believe in. But it’s still a reality, and if you’re going to document NYC you have to realize that the abomination that goes in today is your future nostalgia, or more likely the vintage moment someone not yet born will long to have seen in person. So in a way those of use who try to find those remaining bits of NYC from 50, 75, 100 years ago owe it to those futures us-es and should be more mindful of these places, before they too are gone.

So, with that in mind, here’s a few pics of URBO, from the outside, because it didn’t last three years (so I guess I won’t grace it’s doorway afterall).

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