Central Park Boathouse – March 4, 2018

I’ve spent a decent amount of time at the Central Park Boathouse, although I’ve never been out on a boat in Central Park.  I’ve brought friends and family here, and even been kicked out once (by Dan Aykroyd no less!).  I’m not saying that it’s a great joint, but it is what is it and since I’ve started coming to NYC its always been that way.  Also, it’s the best (read cleanest and safest) place to go to the can in Central Park as well…So of course I was a little alarmed when I came up on it one cold Sunday afternoon in March 2018 and saw that it was CLOSED!

Well, closed for remodeling, but I hope it’s not the typical 21st Century NYC remodeling in which the life and soul of a place is ripped out of it and replaced by something that would make an Omaha Grandmother or a Cleveland Teenager feel at home….I guess I’ll just have to make sure next time I’m in the city I get my rear-end back to The Boathouse and see for myself.

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