NYC 2004 – a few reminders of a great trip

We ran across some souvenirs from the first time I brought Mrs Scrod to NYC back in 2004, most of which probably would not exist today on such a trip, replaced by apps and/or swipe cards.  Somewhere in The Archive we have a lot of great pics, and someday they too will surface; when they do I’ll post accordingly.


Here’s the Rockefeller Center brochure from 2004.  I wonder how much of this has changed by now?


A couple of stickers from the MTV Store:


A reminder of the Toys-R-Us flagship store, which was right on Times Square, but which shuttered after the greedy landlords raised the rent too high even for a behemoth like T-R-U…of course now ALL Toys-R-Us stores are shuttered, but that’s a different story.


Buttons from the Radio City Music Hall tour:  

And finally a business card, an offer for their cheesecakes, and napkin from the famed Carnegie Deli, also a victim of greed and now gone forever.


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