The Show’s Over – Show World Center CLOSED

That’s all folks, the show’s over at the Show World Center in New York City.  After 41 years the party is finally over.  Truth be told the party ended twenty years ago (on July 25, 1998), but the after-party lingered on at Show World until May for this year (2018), a year after the owner passed away, and his granddaughter took over the “empire” (took it over to rape and pillage it, which I guess is fitting in a way…).  In any case, the fat lady has sung (among other things) and one of the last vestiges of Old Times Square breaths has breathed its last breath.  Now there is by estimation only ONE peep-show left in all of mid-town (for now)…

These (last) pictures of what’s left of Show World are from July 9, 2018.

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