A Frozen February – Stranded – February 15, 2014

Going back through the massive backlog of pictures I found these from a Business trip to NJ in February 2014 in which I got stranded due to a snow storm: I was scheduled to leave Thursday morning, but I couldn’t even get the car out of the parking place it was so snowed in, and all flights were already canceled, leaving me stranded until the next Sunday(!).  My body, sensing its opportunity to do a full systems clean-out, put me in back in my hotel room (and its bathroom) for the next 48 hours.  But fortunately my body, and the weather, took a turn for the better on Saturday, and I was able to make my way into the city.  There was a garbage worker strike so that’s why there’s some piles of garbage in a few of the pics, and the last several are of 301 W 46th Street under construction.  There will be a dedicated post on that (someday, I’ve been kicking it down the road for at least five years…).

We start with a nice video of the Wollman Ice Rink in Central Park.


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